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Higher Mathematics

Welcome to our service!

We provide services to solve some higher mathematics tasks. All tasks will be solved for free.. Our service will assist in solving exercises of linear algebra, calculus, mathematical statistics, linear programming, and game theory. All tasks performed in the mode of OnLine, i.e. directly on our website, in this case from you and your computer isn't required anything other than Internet access and a standard web browser, without any additional modules and virtual machines. The process of calculation is presented as detailed as possible, with all intermediate calculationsas it usually does a human with manual calculation. The numerical data in this case, can be used as a decimal, and as common fractions too, except for the mathematical statistics tasks, where only decimals can be used.

In addition to solving tasks and exercises, you will find a theoretical information on relevant topics needed to understand the methods of solution. In most cases this will allow you to not looking at your books during an exercise solving.

List of possible tasks

Contact us: admin@math-pr.com

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