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OnLine - higher mathematics services

Common information

In first turn our service is intended for students that study higher mathematics. It consists of a number of task-solving programs for many parts of higher math. Each task will be solved as detail as it can be, with the output of all results inbetween, like you've done it manually. You just have to write it down in your exercise book.

Next parts of higher mathematics are covered in this version of the service: Linear algebra, math analysis.

Right now, linear algebra task-solvers are represented with: Matrix multiplication, calculation of the determinant, rank calculation, inverse matrix calculation, linear equation's systems

Math analysis is represented with links of two external resources that do thegraph of the function plotting (entered in form of analytical expression) and undefined integral solving.

For now, math statistics is represented with next services: Grouped building of statistical series of absolute and (or) the relative frequencies, building polygon of absolute and (or) the relative frequency, histogram building, building graphs of the empirical distribution function, the calculation of estimates for the expectation (the sample mean) and (or) of the variance, the calculation of the covariance, correlation,determination of coefficients for linear regression, graphical construction of scatterplot (the correlation of the field), graph of regression plotting, test of the the hypothesis of a linear dependence of two random variables.

The "Operations research" part is submitted with solvers of three most important common tasks: Linear programming, transportation theory and game theory.

Main features

  • Task solving directly in your browser
  • Detailed output of calculations inbetween
  • You can use common fractions, as in the original data, as in between and final results. (Except for math statistics)

Some solvers features:

Matrix multiplication - is possible for matrixes with number of lines and columns up to 9 (Including 9).

Determinant calculation - calculates determinant up to 8x8 size. Determinant (2x2) is calculating by the formula: det[A] = a1,1a2,2-a1,2a2,1
Determinant (3x3) is calculating by the Laplace's Method.
Determinant (4x4 and higher) is calculating byconversing a matrix into atriangular matrix.

Rank calculation the service allows to calculate rank of an arbitrary matrix (mxn). Maximum values of m and n can be up to 8 and 8. It will be solved by the "Gaussian elimination" method.

Reversing matrix - is possible for matrixes with number of rows and columns up to 8. (Including 8). Will be solved by the "Gaussian elimination" method.

The solving of the set of linear equations - the service allows to solve an arbitrary set of m linear equations with n unknown. Maximum values of m and n can be 8 and 8о. It will be solved by the "Gauss-Jordan elimination" method.

Contact us

If you've got any ideas or suggestions that can help us to make our service even better, contact us: admin@math-pr.com , or ICQ: 485931217. We will be also thankful, if you will tell us any mistakes or inaccuracies you'll find on the service. Thank you!

Denial of responsibility

WARNING! You are using this service at your own risk. Service's programs may contain errors that will be corrected as they are identified. Administration of the service is not liable for any loss suffered by you as the result of using our service.

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