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Data input and number representation

Our service allows you to solve many numerical tasks by entering data in form of integers, decimals and common fractions. What kind of number you can fill in forms, you determine while choosing the number representation type. Depends on last, you should stick to the next rules.

Positive integers must be written as a continuous sequence of decimal digits, e.g.


Others symbols are not allowed while you writing down positive integers.

Negative integers must be written just like positive ones, but with minus "-" ahead. There can't be any space between minus and the first digit, e.g.


Common fractions must be written as a sequence of the numerator and denominator are separated by a "/". Numerator must be written according to the rules of integers, and the denominator - by the rules of positive integers. The left and right of the "/" must have no spaces, e.g.:

2/3      (the two third)
11/17  (the eleven seventeenth )
-1/2    (minus the one second)

You can't use mixed numbers in this version of the service, in stead you should use the form of common fraction,e.g.

3/2  (one and a half)

Solving results will be displayed in the same way, e.g.:

-123/217  (minus of the hundred twenty three two hundred seventeenth)
Solving results will be displayed as :  
Decimals can be written in normal or semi-logarithmic form.
In normal form the fraction must be written down as sequence of integer and fraction part divided by dot ".". Integer part must be written down according to integers representation rules. Fraction part must be written according positive integers representation rules or there can be no fraction part, e.g.:


Fraction in semi-logarithmic form must be written down as a sequence of a normal form and an exponent, divided by letter "е" or "E". No spaces allowed, e.g.

-3.25e7  is  -3.25*107 = -32500000
12.5E-3  is  12.5*10-3 = 0.0125

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